StarCraft II Twitch Extension


  1. Go to the extension page. Click Install.

  2. Twitch will ask you to configure the extension before you can use it. Click Configure.

  3. You’ll see a configuration form. Fill it with your StarCraft II profile URL. If you don’t know how to obtain it, consult the instruction manual under the configuration form.

  4. You should see a message saying:

    Extension configured successfully! Want to showcase a different StarCraft II profile? Fill the form below.

    If configuration form displays an error, make sure you provided correct profile URL. All the data must be set correctly to make the extension work. If that doesn’t help, let me know. I’ll look into it.

  5. Once configured successfully, the extension will be ready to use. Go to your channel page.

  6. Add a new panel. Choose Extension panel.

  7. Click Extension Manager.

  8. Go to My Extensions and find StarCraft II Profile. Click Activate and select Set as Panel 1. (the panel number may differ if you have more than one active extension panel already).

  9. You should see an activation confirmation. Click Done. That’s it!

Can I change the displayed profile?

Yes. Just fill and submit the configuration form with new profile URL.